Tattoos. Bayside. Britney Spears. Michael Jackson. Longboarding. Girls.
That's me.


It’s like I’m waiting for you to be that girl that I need even though I know you refuse to be. I just want to be your priority for once. I want you to be the girl I see in my dreams. I’m so in love with you when I really have no reason to be. Would it be so hard to be everything I want before you just become a memory? I want you to be the one I call mine. But I can’t get everything I want and I cant wish every night at 11:11 that before you leave you will be mine, because in the end, I know you won’t be. I only want to be the only one you ever want or need… I want to shut up.

And you’re the reason why I can’t sleep at night… All I can think about is you and how all I want to do is spend time with you doing the simple things. I just want to sit in your arms for a few hours and just talk about everything and anything while watching the sunset. How fucking cheesy could I be?